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This gene encodes a member of the Polycomb-group (PcG) family. PcG family members form multimeric protein complexes, which are involved in maintaining the transcriptional repressive state of genes over successive cell generations. This protein associates with the embryonic ectoderm development protein, the VAV1 oncoprotein, and the X-linked nuclear protein. This protein may play a role in the hematopoietic and central nervous systems. Multiple alternatively splcied transcript variants encoding distinct isoforms have been identified for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, Feb 2011]

Full Name

enhancer of zeste 2 polycomb repressive complex 2 subunit

Source NCBI


Homo sapiens [tax_id: 9606]



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Sub Familly

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All peaks EZH2
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Non redundant peaks EZH2
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Datasets Table for EZH2

Target name Target modification Ecotype/Strain Biotype Biotype modification Source Species Experiment Peaks
EZH2 RCH-ACV GEO Homo sapiens GSE135024 8,311
EZH2 DU145 SH4 GEO Homo sapiens GSE135623 3,056
EZH2 OCI-Ly7 GEO Homo sapiens GSE45982 1,340
EZH2 T-REx-293 K27WT_24h GEO Homo sapiens GSE118954 626
EZH2 T-REx-293 K27WT_6h GEO Homo sapiens GSE118954 1,705
EZH2 T-REx-293 K27WT GEO Homo sapiens GSE118954 643
EZH2 T-REx-293 K27WT_72h GEO Homo sapiens GSE118954 881
EZH2 T-REx-293 K27WT_12h GEO Homo sapiens GSE118954 1,034
EZH2 Pfeiffer GEO Homo sapiens GSE45982 8,685
EZH2 SU-DHL-5 GEO Homo sapiens GSE45982 68,654
EZH2 ME-1 Con GEO Homo sapiens GSE128771 3,378
EZH2 ME-1 KD GEO Homo sapiens GSE128771 5,741
EZH2 OCI-Ly1 GEO Homo sapiens GSE45982 2,942
EZH2 VCaP DHAT_2H GEO Homo sapiens GSE28950 3,364
EZH2 VCaP ETOH GEO Homo sapiens GSE28950 2,404
EZH2 THP-1 GEO Homo sapiens GSE135024 72,696
EZH2 Karpas-422 DMSO-D8 GEO Homo sapiens GSE134136 2,819
EZH2 Karpas-422 CPI360-D4 GEO Homo sapiens GSE134136 7,409
EZH2 Karpas-422 CPI360-D8 GEO Homo sapiens GSE134136 9,685
EZH2 RL CPI169-10d GEO Homo sapiens GSE134136 7,304
EZH2 RL GEO Homo sapiens GSE134136 285
EZH2 A-1847 GEO Homo sapiens GSE95643 27,689
EZH2 A-1847 CARM1-KO GEO Homo sapiens GSE95643 64,756
EZH2 SU-DHL-6 GEO Homo sapiens GSE45982 7,569
EZH2 SU-DHL-6 GEO Homo sapiens GSE134136 41,132
EZH2 SU-DHL-6 DMSO GEO Homo sapiens GSE134136 11,526
EZH2 LNCaP-abl GEO Homo sapiens GSE39459 49,540
EZH2 Jurkat KO GEO Homo sapiens GSE147198 9,834
EZH2 Jurkat GEO Homo sapiens GSE147198 3,191
EZH2 SF8628 GEO Homo sapiens GSE94834 19,137
EZH2 K-562 GEO Homo sapiens GSE97661 1,923
EZH2 WSU-DLCL2 GEO Homo sapiens GSE45982 22,729
EZH2 LNCaP GEO Homo sapiens GSE39459 48,376
EZH2 WA01 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000ASY 13,462
EZH2 phosphoT487 SU-DHL-6 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR088HZI 1,722
EZH2 SU-DHL-6 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR090TRI 279
EZH2 phosphoT487 SK-N-SH ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR297MUV 2,493
EZH2 PC-9 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR793USK 29,482
EZH2 phosphoT487 PC-9 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR702GMW 52,337
EZH2 phosphoT487 PC-3 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR617RSQ 7,312
EZH2 phosphoT487 OCI-Ly7 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR565XSL 7,106
EZH2 phosphoT487 OCI-Ly3 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR584ATA 268
EZH2 K-562 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000AQE 1,792
EZH2 Hep-G2 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000ARI 8,716
EZH2 phosphoT487 GM23338 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR591DTH 1,205
EZH2 GM23338 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR045YHA 8,815
EZH2 GM23248 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR131FFJ 6,919
EZH2 phosphoT487 GM23248 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR096KPA 15,674
EZH2 A-673 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR179SAO 11,175
EZH2 neural progenitor ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR069DPL 9,150
EZH2 neural ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR511CUH 3,408
EZH2 phosphoT487 neural progenitor ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR656MXA 8,381
EZH2 myotube ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000ASZ 4,640
EZH2 myoblast skeletal_muscle ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000ARH 1,180
EZH2 phosphoT487 Loucy ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR783QUL 1,009
EZH2 HUVEC-C VEGF_12h GEO Homo sapiens GSE109625 4,483
EZH2 HUVEC-C GEO Homo sapiens GSE109625 6,276
EZH2 HUVEC-C VEGF_4h GEO Homo sapiens GSE109625 3,595
EZH2 HUVEC-C VEGF_1h GEO Homo sapiens GSE109625 5,076
EZH2 keratinocyte ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000ARK 9,051
EZH2 KARPAS422 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR646CKG 153
EZH2 hepatocyte ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR384LYW 5,095
EZH2 phosphoT487 hepatocyte ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR341VYI 19,012
EZH2 GM12878 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000ARD 83
EZH2 fibroblast LUNG ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000ARO 8,264
EZH2 fibroblast DERMAL ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000ASE 5,318
EZH2 epithelial mammary ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000ARE 5,743
EZH2 endothelial umbilical-vein ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000ATA 6,447
EZH2 phosphoT487 DOHH2 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR562NOP 4,828
EZH2 DND41 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000ASW 46,175
EZH2 astrocyte ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000ARR 12,993
EZH2 RH30 DMSO GEO Homo sapiens GSE85169 56,587
EZH2 RH30 Trametinib GEO Homo sapiens GSE85169 360
EZH2 hESC KO GEO Homo sapiens GSE113817 3,334
EZH2 hESC GEO Homo sapiens GSE113817 5,453
EZH2 hESC GEO Homo sapiens GSE13084 119
EZH2 T98G GEO Homo sapiens GSE112240 18,557
EZH2 KG-1 shPLZF GEO Homo sapiens GSE109619 2,733
EZH2 ProEs GEO Homo sapiens GSE59087 8,046
EZH2 ProEs SHCTR GEO Homo sapiens GSE59087 7,582
EZH2 ProEs SHEZH2 GEO Homo sapiens GSE59087 214
EZH2 hiPSC WTa_RNase-neg GEO Homo sapiens GSE128135 280
EZH2 dermal-fibroblast Preneoplastic GEO Homo sapiens GSE126396 7,412
EZH2 dermal-fibroblast Transformed GEO Homo sapiens GSE126396 14,810
EZH2 dermal-fibroblast Untransformed GEO Homo sapiens GSE126396 17,454
EZH2 prostate-cancer HA GEO Homo sapiens GSE107780 32,503
EZH2 prostate-cancer shEZH2 GEO Homo sapiens GSE107780 8,737
EZH2 prostate-cancer plko GEO Homo sapiens GSE107780 15,828
EZH2 Hep-3B2-1-7 GEO Homo sapiens GSE128137 23,129
EZH2 HCT-116 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR046HGP 38,389
EZH2 phosphoT487 HCT-116 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR429CLV 6,829
EZH2 B-cell ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000AUZ 4,256
EZH2 peripheral-blood-mononuclear-cell GEO Homo sapiens GSE115772 10,940
EZH2 peripheral-blood-mononuclear-cell mut GEO Homo sapiens GSE115772 16,838
EZH2 peripheral-blood-mononuclear-cell B-cell GEO Homo sapiens GSE115772 4,824
EZH2 phosphoT487 neuron bipolar_doxy_4d ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR886KKK 19,181
Target name Target modification Ecotype/Strain Biotype Biotype modification Source Species Experiment Peaks